Frequently asked questions

Will the older sized bands fit my watch?

Yes, your old Apple Watch bands will fit the new Apple Watch as long as you stick with the same size: ♥ 38 mm is approximately the same as the 40 mm. ♥ 42 mm is approximately the same as the 44 mm. Our watch bands are made to fit Apple Watch series 1 - 5.

Will the band fit my wrists?

Our Watch Band/Strap length is 6.3" - 8.86".

Why did only some items in my order ship?

Not all of our gifts will be able to be shipped together. Some can and some can't. We do all design and partial shipping here in Ohio at the main office, but then most of our production and printing takes place in our print partner facilities around the United States and around the world. Where your item comes from and how you get your item will be based on your location and what you have ordered. Ex: If you order a bandana and a fitted face cover, they will never ship together. But if you order a fitted face cover and a fabric face mask, they will ship together. All of those items used in the example are made and shipped from the United States.

Do you use real glitter?

No, absolutely not. All of our items are printed on or into the gift itself. This is also stated in the additional information section on the product page, just to clarify it. We understand some of you may not read the entire description, but please do not leave us a bad review because of something you didn't do.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Normally, no we do not accept returns or exchanges. But if there is ever a problem, please contact us immediately.