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Have you seen all those absolutely amazing mugs for sale out there!? Don't you just love them? Yeah, me too! I love my coffee and I love all the cool, funny, sarcastic, pretty, feminine, custom, etc... mug choices! If I had an extra room in my house I'd definitely probably have it filled with maybe that's a bit extreme, but you get the picture.

Ever think to yourself "oh wow I have some awesome mug ideas!" or "I wish I could start a mug business". Maybe you've never thought that, but needed a business idea...mugs are in..designer mugs are even better!

Calling all mompreneurs who need a fun business idea! Etsy (get 40 free listings when you open a shop no strings attached) is the perfect place to sell your mugs, but having a custom website is also a huge our new Muggies (template9060)!

Get Started...for less than $100*:

Mug Printing: start for free.

Mug Mockups: Easy online mug mockup generator for as low as $14.95 for UNLIMITED mockups!

Giant Graphic Element: includes about 16300 items. It's Watercolor Elements, Marker Elements, Illustrations, Objects, Patterns, Textures, and Fonts. Commercial use is approximately $30.

Website Template9060: budget friendly template perfect for getting started.

♥ Wix Hosting: not included with the template | pricing starts at around $28 a month (yearly plans start at $276 a year).

Etsy Shop: Plus, get 40 free listings when you open a shop using our link, no strings attached

How to Start Your Own Business Guide


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