Holiday Shipping Urgent Information

Updated: Feb 14

We are getting notices from our major shipping carriers that they are expecting record-breaking volume this year. Combined with delays due to USPS changes and unexpected weather delays, we are anticipating slower than usual deliveries.

Here is how you can get your orders on time: Order Early: Yes, it sounds obvious but this year more than ever, ordering before Thanksgiving week will spare you stress wondering when your goodies will arrive. Choose Shipping Method Carefully: Example, Priority Mail is not "Guaranteed" so if you choose 2 Day and they take 14 days, they will not refund you for your shipping cost. Set Expectations: Major shippers are doing their best to prepare for unprecented shipping volumes this year, but are still expecting delays so you should expect higher shipping costs if you order later in the season and want guaranteed delivery times.

Processing Times: Processing times and shipping times are different! During the holiday season it can sometimes take an extra 2 weeks to process your design. Shipping time is an extra 7 - 10 days normally. Thanks for being the best customers ever!

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