Overall shipping is delayed

Since the 2020 holiday season, carriers in North America have been struggling with the amount of shipments, resulting in delayed orders and tracking links not getting updated.

We're seeing improvements in shipping times, but many orders are still taking longer than usual to be delivered. Some of last year's orders are still on their way due to the long order shipping queues during the holiday season.

We don't have access to tracking (only the tracking code - we see what you see) or any additional carrier information about specific orders. Re-shipping for orders with tracking links that haven’t been updated in a while isn’t a solution since the new shipments will cause more backlog in the distribution centers, and the original orders will arrive at their destination first. The best thing to do for now is to be understanding of the circumstances and please be patient. This is out of our control.

There have been severe snow storms in Spain and Japan, so shipping times in those regions might be affected as well.

With air travel to the UK being limited due to Covid-19, shipments to the UK are delayed. We don’t yet know how long the delays will be, but we’re assured by our carriers that packages continue to be delivered with charter flights. Note that the order delivery estimates to the UK on our website are likely to be inaccurate.

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