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Christmas Emoji Poop Dough Cutter

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  • Description
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  • Description
  • Unique and handmade designed 3d printed dough or craft cutter. Let your dough or crafts stand out with one of a kind shapes and designs!  

    + One dough cutter only. 
    + Color of cutter may vary.
    + Printed with high quality PLA.

    Size: (approximately) 

    Cutter Longest Side: 2", 3", 4", 5", or 6" 
    Handle: 3mm height x 4mm width

  • Size Guide
  • + These sizes are just average sizes, we cannot guarantee they will fit your needs. All sizes may have an acceptable error of 1 - 2 mm. 3 inches is the average size of cookie cutters.

    +  Size will be the longest side of cutter, except for individual letters and numbers. Individual letters and numbers size will always be in height unless otherwise stated. For example, if you purchase a New Jersey State Cutter, it will be 3" in height whereas if you purchase a Tennessee State Cutter it will be 3" in width.

  • Note
  • + Slight imperfections may be visible due to items being 3d printed and handmade.
    + All sizes may have an acceptable error of 1 - 2 mm due to being handmade.
    + Should never be exposed to heat or sunlight for long periods of time. 
    + All preview images are digitally rendered and may be slightly different due to we only create a preview for one size, not all sizes.